25 April 2012


This is my favorite Saturday morning brunch.  It's easy, it's filling, it's Paleo, it's versatile, and it's delicious.  So easy (**lame joke alert**)...a caveman could do it?
This is how I like my omelettes:  very little egg, very many fillings.  You can't go wrong with bacon.  Ever.  Obviously peppers, because they go in everything that I make.  Mushrooms, too. 
Herbs make everything better.
Some people say the egg : filling ratio is important for the whole thing holding together.  I say, who cares about it holding together if I can mask any fissures with cheese?
Things get messy.  I hope you're ready for that.

It all looks so innocent at first.  Just your average, run-of-the-mill omelette.
But suddenly it gets real.  This omelette feels like it is 90% fillings.  What was I just disdaining in the conventional egg : filling ratio?  Why did I not listen to convention? 
This omelette is not for the faint of heart...or spatula. 

Step 1:  Loosen the omelette from the pan.
Step 2:  Try to slide it all over to one side for easier flippage.
Step 3:  ...
Step 4:  Cover everything in cilantro and asiago so no one can tell what happened!
Look!  It's the perfect omelette!  I had no troubles at all whatsoever.  Everything went exactly according to plan.
Hey, it's not like anyone complained that their omelette tasted more like scrambled eggs.

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